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Brigid's water

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Dargle lovers

A romance that ended in a double tragedy close to the old village of Enniskerry in Co. Wicklow is a love story that is played out every year on the anniversary of the tragedy on Midsummer's Eve.
For Mary, one lover was not enough, but, two led to unforeseen consequences.

Danny Boy

Danny Boy is one of the best known love stories ever.
Whether it is a father keening for his son, or a mother her lost child or a lover lamenting the absence of a true love is for you to decide the truth of the love story here played out.

Spirit in the bottle

(Grimm's Brothers KHM 99) told in English by Brendan Nolan


Have you ever been broke?
Did you ever dream of finding your fortune?
Well here’s what happened when a young man found a bottle in the deep forest that looked interesting.


Bubbles the cat

Did you ever wonder what a quiet house across the road might mean?
Have you ever wondered if your neighbour has been murdered?
Well here’s what happened when a suspicious neighbour called the cops.

The Dollacher
this story is included in Dublin Folk Tales

A terrifying monster once stalked the streets of Dublin, seen as a great black devil pig.
Brendan Nolan, an expert storyteller and author of the upcoming 'Dublin Folk Tales', tells the chilling and surprising story of the Dolocher.
The spot he stands in was once known as 'Hell' a dark and shadowy lane behind Christchurch where the Dolocher met his end.

Loaded mother
this story is included in Dublin Folk Tales

Have you ever met an angry woman with a gun?
Have you ever eaten stolen cake?
Well, here's what happened when some crooks broke into an empty post office and had a feast instead just as the baker of cakes arrived home tired from Christmas shopping and reached for a gun that hung upon a nail high on the wall in her kitchen.

Brigid's water

Storyteller Brendan Nolan recalls the true story of a pair of simple folk who carried on the traditions of old Ireland past the point of wisdom.
Have you ever bought a bottle of holy water?
Have you ever wondered if it did any good?
Well here’s what happened when a simple soul poured the wrong water into the right bottle.

Licence for a dead dog

Storyteller Brendan Nolan tells his original story of a licence for a dead dog.
Have you ever been asked to pay for a licence for something that does not exist?
Have you ever explained to a judge that he is just plain stupid?
Well here's what happened when a citizen was hauled before a court of law.
This is a live recording of the telling at Dublin Yarnspinners 15th anniversary session in Dublin in June 2010.
This story is featured in Brendan's hilarious collection of stories: Barking Mad: Tales of Liars, Lovers, Loonies and Layabouts. Available both in hard copy and as a Kindle download.
The recording is also featured as the lead track on the double CD Dublin Yarnspinners celebrating 15 Years

Summer Loving

Brendan Nolan tells his original story of what happened when a smiling man called to the door of a lonely woman.
Have you ever contributed to a good cause?
But, what do you do if the good bits go bad?
Well here's what happened when Maria opened the door to a stranger.

The lie

A story of love challenged by doubt and cupidity.

Blood field

Brendan Nolan tells his original story of the blood field.
Did you ever think you heard noises in the night?
Have you ever seen someone pass by from a time long gone?
Well here's what happened when two children felt the hand of history touch their lives.

Performing poet


Have you ever thought about performing in front of loads of people?
Have you ever been ejected from a public park?
Well here’s what happened when a out-of-work man became a performance poet with a difference.

The Haunting of a ballplayer

Have you ever dreaded being haunted?
Did you ever hear noises in the night?
Well here's what happened when a ballplayer believed a dead woman had returned to visit him.
And a hand scratched on a windowpane in the still of night.  


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How to remember a story to tell

Telling stories is easy





Dream of Love

Wedding storyteller


Humours of Dublin

Piper Martin Nolan plays tunes against a backdrop of his native Dublin.
Martin joins storyteller Brendan Nolan to form Talepipe presenting tunes and tales of their native city.

Days and nights of fun and frolics


Piper Martin Nolan features in this Talepipe video.
Pictures and editing are by Rita Nolan.
Talepipe is Martin Nolan playing tunes and Brendan Nolan telling tales.
The rest is legend.

© Brendan Nolan July 2011
copyright means you do not copy this piece to anywhere else.




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