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"It was a terrific course, really enjoyable."


"Most interesting time with Brendan's storytelling."


"Such a brilliant course --- and all the encouragement. I really enjoyed it."


"Loved the stories; looked forward to the sessions every week."



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our storytelling courses and seminars for you
groupWe show participants how to tell a story in this fun and relaxed one-off session.

We consider how to select a good story, how to prepare it for others to hear and how best to deliver it in an interesting way in the community or in business.

We look at how to:

• Appreciate the fundamentals of all stories, written or told
• Re-visit well-loved stories to see why they continue to be so popular.
• Select our own good story with universal appeal to tell or to write.
• Hold an audience and bring the tale to a satisfactory conclusion
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Telling Your Story
“There were so many stories I could tell; but there was nobody to listen to them
until I discovered Telling Your Story.”

Days come alive when people gather to tell their stories.

Stories are our living history told by the people that made history happen.

Everyone has a tale to tell. Some like to write it down; some like to “tell” their story.

Telling Your Story encourages people to gather for a story session. Together, we consider how to select a good story, how to prepare it for others to hear or read and how best to deliver it in an interesting way.

No experience is necessary, or expected, to enjoy these relaxed and fun sessions.

They take place in a safe and familiar environment. Participants are guided by an expert facilitator in writing their story or telling it out loud, as fitting.

girlWe show how to select a good story with universal appeal and learn to follow simple but strong story lines that will hold an audience while the story unfolds.

Telling Your Story provides stimulation for participants in recalling their stories and preparing them for telling in a safe group environment.

Participants hand on a powerful legacy by writing or “telling” out their stories

Start a Telling Your Story course now and bring your people in from the cold to a cheering fireside of the imagination.

We deliver Telling Your Story sessions as one-offs to festivals and in community settings as well as our longer ten-week courses as set out below.

Contact us to streamline our session to your instructions

10-week course objectives
By the end of the 10-weeks of two-hour sessions, participants will better understand how to:

• Appreciate the fundamental structure of all stories, written or told.
• Select a good story with universal appeal to tell.
• Follow simple but strong story lines.
• Know what to put in and what to leave out.
• When and how to use dialogue and quotes to effect.
• Know how to make an arresting start.
• Hold an audience while the story unfolds.
• Finish on a strong note that will leave the audience satisfied.
• Speak, or read aloud, with more confidence and ease to listeners.
• Deliver a story to the audience’s expectation.
• Understand what makes an effective spoken, or written, story.
• Control nerves and eliminate shaky voice syndrome
• Use an easy to read writing style to write it all up.

Brendan Nolan, the facilitator on this programme is a storyteller and former news editor of a local paper and is skilled at teasing an interesting story from the most reluctant “teller” from all backgrounds.

He “tells” his own original stories each week on community radio.

Brendan is a business trainer, storyteller and Toastmaster used to addressing large or small audiences and is adept at passing public speaking and writing skills along.

He is the author of the non-fiction Phoenix Park a History and Guidebook and the collection of his own local stories: Barking Mad: Tales of Lovers, Liars, Loonies and Layabouts.

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What they said

"Great to see an experienced storyteller."
"Grasping the richness in life
what a wonderful session"
"A very thought provoking session."
Brendan is a great storyteller who kept us entertained all the time. He has a great sense of humour."
"The ending was very funny."
"A great humorous speech with a serious message. I really enjoyed it."

"Brendan owned the space as a storyteller."


"The session was a joy to listen to. I loved Brendan's humour."
"A pleasure to listen to. Glad I came tonight."
"Very funny and entertaining and motivating and serious. Brendan is a great thinker and speaker. He is a philosopher."


"Full of such wonderful ideas so well presented."

Brendan cheered me up with the stories. He was so relaxed and he communicated that to us.



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