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Telling Tales in audio

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Fáinne Óir gold ring here
002 Rev Jackson dead in the dock for a day here
003 Billy in the bowl here
004 Hellfire club here
005 Lash Larry here
006 Two tinkers here



6 Two Tinkers
Have you ever wondered how you cross a bridge without paying a toll?
Well, here's what happened in Dublin, long ago, when two travelling men considered the problem of low funds and a flowing river and a toll man who inisted on being paid.
Hear it here


5. Lash Larry
Were you ever chased by a vicious dog?
Did you ever dream of revenge, for that matter?
Well, here's what mattered when a man found a long whip, one day
And turned the tables on a pack of dogs.

Hear it here


4. Hellfire club
Have you ever wondered why the devil decided to appear in Dublin?
Was he really there or was it just the Scalteen talking?
J udge for vourself in the tale of Dublin's Helllfire Club .
Hear it here


3. Billy in the bowl
Have you ever wondered what you would do if you met a man without legs asking for your help?
What if he was to attack you?
Well, here's what happened in Dublin long ago.

Hear it here


2. Rev Jackson dead in the dock for a day
Bad enough that a defendant’s head is seen to be on fire in court; but the presiding judge tries to sentence him to death; until he is told the man is now dead by his own hand.
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1. Fáinne Óir gold ring
Have you ever wandered along and found a gold ring on the ground?
Well, here's what happened when one man had a few drinks too many and found himself being pursued across the fields of the night, by the other crowd.
Hear it, as gaeilge and as english.here


Dublin Folk Tales
Dublin Folk Tales
Brendan’s gathering of stories have been passed from generation to generation and include stories that give his home city its unique character.
They range from the strange to the profound, from the tragic to the festive, from season to season and age to age.
But, most of all they are about Dubliners and their city, every one, told by a Dublin storyteller.
There is even a dedicated website set up here. Take a look.

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