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Schools storytelling
Brendan tells stories to schoolgoers of all ages.

His primary level programmes are funded under the Heritage in Schools Scheme.
primary level

Visits to second level schools are conducted under the Writers in Schools scheme, which funding allows for storytellers and writers to visit; and since Brendan is both a storyteller and a published writer he can deliver bespoke storytelling or discuss writing techniques with older children.
These visits are particularly suited to transition year students
second level

Heritage in Schools

Heritage Council

Brendan is garda-vetted for contact with children, young adults, and vulnerable adults.

He is an approved storyteller on the Heritage Council's Heritage in Schools programme and is available for subsidised storytelling visits to primary schools as a Heritage expert in storytelling.

Brendan has class-appropriate programmes available for each class at Primary level.

He says: "A local storyteller is a tradition bearer telling stories to the next generation. Indeed, a good storyteller is a provoker of stories in his listeners."

Brendan shows that stories can come from anywhere and encourages comment and participation from all.

He tells stories from other times and cultures, in addition to local stories relevant to the school's environment.

During the class-length presentation he considers with listeners where appropriate: how a story is made: commences, continues, concludes; how a story is told, and extended by adding in detail of time, place, season.

frogBesides being a storyteller, Brendan is a writer and published author of Phoenix Park a History and Guidebook, The Irish Companion, Barking Mad, Dublin Folk Tales, Wexford Folk Tales, and Wicklow Folk Tales.

His school sessions are very good-value visits where pupils see a live storyteller in action, hear stories appropriate to their age, and are encouraged to develop their own creativity; listening skills, and verbal communication.

The programme works by the participating school agreeing the visit date with Brendan, contact details below.

The school then books directly online through the Heritage in Schools website

Uptake on this offering is steady, so please book now to secure your chosen date.



Writers in Schools

Poetry Ireland Writers in SchoolsThis programme is administered by Poetry Ireland on behalf of the Arts Council.
Under this funding model a school agrees a visit with Brendan and then applies directly to Poetry Ireland for funding, which may or may not be available, at particular times depending on budgets; but do enquire.

Session Details

Brendan offers his skills with a pair of complementary hats: storyteller and published writer.

He has had four books published with a US/UK/Irish publisher; one standard work by an Irish publisher (Phoenix Park a history and Guidebook two editions), another by a London publisher, and one under an independent imprint, giving him an overview and insight into the world of publishing through the eyes of a working writer.

In storytelling, Brendan tells age appropriate stories to his listeners, child or adult.

Through the power of story, Brendan engages listeners as much as possible in the storytelling moment.

Brendan does not read stories to children, which is a different discipline.

warriors fight

He stimulates the imagination through an oral narration of story.

He encourages and guides participation in storytelling through his storytelling workshops.

Brendan delivers entertaining storytelling at each level.
He adapts stories for class participation so as to give practical experience of storytelling to participants.
He shows where to find stories and how to tell some stories on their own account so as to encourage students' own creativity and imagination.

Brendan finds that class-size groups work best for school visits. All participants are empowered to participate in such groupings, leaving nobody aside during the workshops.

Semi-circular seating layout is best, either on chairs or on the floor.

In his creative writing workshop Brendan shows young writers how to read published stories for structure and technique. He shows how to put such found knowledge into their own work.

He includes an accessible introduction to fiction or factual writing; an examination of content and style; an assessment of plot, theme and character; he suggests how to find ideas; how to handle dialogue and narrative; and how to write for print or online social media.

These sessions are particularly suited to transition year classes at second level

Brendan teaches storytelling to all.

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